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Gallatin Canyon Women's Club

1927 - 2017

90 years of philanthropy, friendship and learning...



2013 - 85th Birthday Party

85th Birthday Party


The Gallatin Canyon Women's Club was founded on September 21, 1927. The mission of the GCWC is to meet as a social, educational and philanthropic club that offers fellowship, scholarship and community outreach programs to the Gallatin Canyon communities.

At the time of its founding, many of the canyon women felt isolated on their homesteads and wished to get to know one another. Their activities began with a May breakfast at a member's home and programs continued throughout the summer months and concluded with a potluck dinner, complete with skits and plays. Other meetings involved discussion groups while the women quilted. The women of the Gallatin Canyon treasured their gatherings for the comradeship and the knowledge they gained, drawing them together and providing an opportunity to work side-by-side for the good of the community.

Through the years the club has continued to foster fellowship and today the yearly meetings start in May with a breakfast and continue throughout the summer with two meetings a month. The meetings are social and present both entertaining and educational programs. The membership dues continue to allow the GCWC to contribute to the area wide organizations and projects. In addition, the club raises money to provide scholarships for college to former Ophir School graduates. Please click here (this is a large file and may take a few minutes to open) to view a power point presentation: The GCWC Ophir Scholarship: Supporting Students Since 1977.